1. “Katie has what few lawyers have – true talent. Her drive is compelling and her attitude refreshing. I unequivocally endorse Katie.”
    Herrick S.
  2. “I have never seen a lawyer with the brilliant attributes Ms. Katherine James holds. She's a cut above the rest and as a client of hers I can tell you, she makes it well known that you are her #1 priority and she does not stop until she gets what you deserve! Katie fought extremely hard for me during my settlement. In all honesty, when she called me and told me my settlement amount… I thought she had to be joking! She values her clients and does so with a true heart. It's very obvious that Katie truly loves helping people and takes pride in doing so.... she will not settle for anything less than you deserve! Katie, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the reason me and my children will be able to finally have our home! ”
    Candace S.
  3. “Katie is wonderful attorney. I've had the pleasure of watching her in trial, and her command of the courtroom and the law is excellent.”
    Clark M.
  4. "…you just don't know how much of a blessing you've been to me. I'm so grateful that my case was referred to such a caring person, tears of joy and gratitude won't stop flowing!! I say thank you from all of my heart."
    Carolyn L.
  5. “Katie is a driven and hard working attorney…Katie has more trial experience than most lawyers I know. Katie’s clients are very lucky to have her!”
    Leena J.
  6. “Katie is a phenomenal individual and a great lawyer. She is passionate about her clients, dedicated to her work, and knowledgeable. She will advocate ardently for the rights of her clients in order to seek justice on their behalf. I confidently and happily endorse Ms. James.”
    Megan D.
  7. "I was in a car accident back in December 2018 and my initial lawyer dragged his feet on everything and then ultimately told me that he did not have time to take it to trial at this time. That is when I had Katie take over who was highly recommended by another attorney friend of mine and she immediately filed suit and we were able to settle the case in August of 2019. If I had hired her First, I am confident that we would have been able to settle it matter much sooner. She did a great job and I highly recommend her and will be sending her clients in the future.”
    Kristen W.
  8. "Ms. James, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much, I don’t know what to say ma’am. Thank you, bless you, thank you."

    Timmy H.
  9. "Katie James was an absolutely amazing lawyer. I contacted her about every 2 weeks for a little over a year and a half and every time I called I would get an update on my case and she would explain to me what’s going on and what’s happening. She’s nothing but perfect and I would recommend her to anyone."
    Adan Q.